I'm not sleeping tonight because my brother is out and the computer is all mine. :tease3:

I have just watched the fourteenth episode of 'Queer as Folk' series. I started to watch it two weeks ago or so, and I think I'm going to love it. Actually, I'm not quite into slash but there is a femslash line in the series as well, so it has a lot to look at. Besides, the main story and characters are not so bad. I'm improving my English as well as enjoying the process.

I don't like Brian because he is unbearably selfish and too much over fuck. They all are! I have never seen such series as QAF where sex is on the first place. There was 'The L Word', of course, but even in there relationships were more important than sex. We had only Shane in TLW who loves fucking now and then, but there is everyone in QAF who loves fucking. Maybe I'm a little old-fashioned but I really don't understand all this ballyhoo about sex. I think, there are a lot of things that more important than sex. Don't you?

I don't like Michael as well. He always smiles! He is too kind, too light-hearted, too stupid. Life gives him an absolutely perfect opportunety to live in love and be loved and be happy and not to worry about money, home etc... But does he care? No! He's all over Brian. It's not a friendship, it's not a love; it's sick obsession and Michael needs to get rid of it, though, I don't think he ever will. He has very nice kind of humor but that's the most prettiest thing I can say about him.

Among a lot of men in the series I do like the one - it's Justin. He's young, absolutely carefree and very funny. The thing I don't like about him is his love to Brian but he will get over it sooner or later. I don't know sure, though, but I think so. Or, this situation will teach Brian how to treat people and, finally, he will realise that he's not the one who has big dick (terrible thing to say but I want it to be this way ;-) ).

What about our lezzie couple? Well, they are pretty nice. Though, I didn't feel love between them at first and I don't feel it now. What kind of person will cheat on beloved because of little problem? I think that there was no problem at all. Both Melanie and Lindsay had to be more patient with each other, more understanding. Everybody knows that childbirth isn't very easy thing to do. Women after this are very vulnerable and uncontrollable. They are afraid because of baby, they see baby, they feel him and there isn't something else but baby. These women need a very good partner to be with them, to hold them, to help them, to love their child as much as they do. When two people becomes three there always are misunderstandings and little quarrels. It's not about family or children, it's about psychology.

I want to believe that Melanie and Lindsay will forgive one another and try to start again. Firstly, I want sex between two women, not men. :gigi: Secondly, I believe that every person deserves second chance. A little pun, I'm really sorry. =))

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