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27 of September

Julya is back from her vacation.

On her departure day she sent an e-mail to all the departments informing about the dates of her vacation so that everyone knew. I got one, as well, on the operator's mail box. The date of her arrival back was 25 of September.

"You're going to be back only on twenty fifth?" I asked Julya when she was saying her good-bye.

"No! Actually, I'm coming on twenty seventh. I'm not gonna come on a weekend, am I?"

Her statement made me realize that twenty fifth of September was Saturday. Seriously, it was a smart thing to do: to say you are going to be back on twenty fifth whereas the actual date of your arrival is two days later. It made the people think as if Julya's vacation wasn't so long, after all. It was smart, but at the same time it made me sad, for when you do such things it means you don't trust your colleagues. Julya understands very good how these people she's working with, are. They will be envy just because someone goes on vacation. It doesn't matter that they themselves have vacation as well. At this very moment they have to work when someone is going to enjoy herself, and they just can't bear it.

So, I was expecting Julya to come back on Monday, twenty seventh of September.

Usually Julya makes our Front Office schedule but when she was on vacation Lena K. was responsible for it. In the middle of the month, on Friday (the day when we have a new schedule for the next two weeks) I got an e-mail on the operator's mail box. It was from LaneK who was in Moscow on business. She made a new schedule but physically wasn't able to print it out and hung on the desk. She asked to do it ourselves or wait till her arrival, so that she could do it herself. I decided to help and print the schedule. Firstly, I found out my days off and on and I was quite pleased. Secondly, I looked at the column in front of Julya's name and wasn't pleased at all. It said that she was going to come back not on Monday but on Tuesday. Well, one day is not a big deal but it was so for me, for it meant I was to wait one more day whereas it was bad enough to wait all twenty of them. Besides, I trusted Julya enough to believe her every word. It hurt that she said me the date that turned out to be false. The only soothing thing was to pretend that she changed her mind and informed just LenaK about it.

On Tuesday I was to work in the evening, so it was three-four hours to spend with Julya. I wanted Julya to feel welcomed and good and decided to cook something and take it with me to the hotel. I couldn't, of course, present it to her personally, I had to pretend that it was for all the guys who worked that day. The reason of this 'generosity' had to die with me. And when I was contemplating the exact thing I could cook for Julya, I realized that Tuesday was going to be the day of celebrating Lisa's past birthday. My cake (I had decided to bake a cake) could be mistaken as Lisa's present and I wasn't going to do such a thing. So, I had to leave all the thoughts about Julya's 'welcome back' present behind.

Today, preparing for an evening shift, I was thinking about Julya all the time. I knew she had to be in St. Petersburg already. I was imagining the things she could be doing at the moment. My imagination was as good as always, so I imagined that Julya might come to the hotel to visit us. It was such a stupid thing to think about. What kind of sane person would come to work on her last vacation day? Well, I would, but we all know I am not a sane person. :)

Coming in Back Office my eyes were riveted to the Julya's desk for here Julya was, sitting there and waving at me. Because of my bad eyes I couldn't see her exactly, but I knew it was her immediately. I came closer and closer looking at the beloved face all the time. She said to me 'Hi, Polya' several times but I couldn't speak. I was totally shocked. I wasn't even sure I could breathe.

Unfortunately, there were Natasha and Vova and Sasha from Sales department, so I couldn't even say the words I wanted to say when I felt I could speak again. I was staring at Julya, watching her over, trying to familiarize myself with her again. I honestly didn't expect her to be there. I hoped so much to see her as soon as possible, but I didn't want to have my hopes too high and then see them falling down. That's why seeing Julya a day earlier made it some sort of miracle. That's why I was behaving like a robot and everybody was staring at me when I was staring at Julya.

My heart was pounding in my chest and I was almost panting, so I turned around and went to the nearest board as if to put my purse down, although my real purpose was to calm down a little bit.

Next twenty minutes the guys were shifting each other and I just stood and sat here and there for I was a trainee once again and there was nobody for me to shift with.

Then we had a long meeting. Usually these meetings are daily and short — we discuss all the important things that happened or are going to happen any time soon. This time it was much longer because Julya was back and there were a lot of things to share with each other. Actually, when Julya was absent, we didn't have meetings at all, and I didn't think it was good. I missed them. They are my constant reminder of the things going on in the hotel. We discuss mistakes and good deals, how to deal with a difficult situation, how to calm a hysterical guest, all the things we may come across with.

When the meeting ended, the morning shift left and we began to work.

About six PM Julya came over to the first desk and approached LenaK.

"Polya and I will go to the canteen, all right?"

"I'll go with you."

Then a guest demanded LenaK's attention and Julya added that she would go and we would follow her later.

"But take her with you, okay? She won't go on her own." Julya was talking about me and I was smirking in my mind: Julya was back and I wasn't going to loose an opportunity to be with her. All the time she was gone I hadn't visited the canteen. There was no need to do it. I could have a cup of tea in BO if I wanted to. The canteen for me is to be with Julya a little longer than usually is possible, not to have tea.

There were three of us in the canteen. The girls were having some dinner but I couldn't even drink a cup of tea. I was too excited to consume anything.

I asked Julya about her vacation and she said she loved it.

"It was so good to be off. I'd love to enjoy myself a little longer than that. It's so hard to get up and go to work again. Don't want to do it at all."

I knew that Julya was in Croatia. I guess, it wasn't the only country she visited. From St. Petersburg she had flighted to Germany to meet with her friend. Then they were going to take a car and travel about Europe.

"Did you manage to visit all the places you had in mind?"

"Yeah! Well, almost. It took us longer than we thought and there were some cities we weren't able to reach. Besides, it makes you tired traveling in a car all the time."

Julya admitted that the most beautiful city was Salzburg, Austria. It was quite historical.

I didn't know what to ask next and Julya didn't look like she was willing to share the details of her trip with us. I let it be.

Later we had a conversation about how stupid men are sometimes. I didn't participate, exactly, because of my lack of experience. I was listening and asking questions when I had them.

"Polya, do you think it's wise to laundry blue jeans with a white shirt together? Everybody knows that clothes have to be of the same material and color to laundry it together in a washing machine. Otherwise you'll have a mess instead of your clothes. But he just doesn't understand it!" Julya was talking about her friend. She said the last weekend, already in St. Petersburg, they were washing their dirty clothes and it was hell. "Well, he washed his jeans and the shirt together, then looked at them and was surprised to find that the shirt was blue instead of white. 'Why is it so? How come?' he was exclaiming."

"Indeed! How could it be?" LenaK and I were laughing.

"He just doesn't understand the difference." Julya continued. "I tried to explain it to him but he wasn't listening. He washed his another pair of pants and some white T-shirt and it was the same — the clothes were stained! And he was surprised once again!"

LenaK decided to say something about her friend as well. As far as I know she's dating a German guy but they don't live together yet.

"He has a kink to go shoeless after a bath. Once in my apartment he took a shower, didn't take slippers on and had something glued to his foot. He was furious! Although I clean my apartment every day there is always a possibility to find some dust or whatever, don't you agree? Well, some time later we were in a hotel, and he took a shower and was barefoot again. I said it was too dangerous to go shoeless around a hotel room. You don't know whether it was cleaned after the last guests or not. You have no guarantees. But he was sure it was safer to be barefoot on a hotel room's floor than on my apartment's one! How stupid is that?"

I realized that LenaK wasn't upset that her friend preferred hotel's floor her apartment's. She just couldn't understand the nature of his thoughts to be sure that a hotel's room is always clean. She works in a hotel, she knows how the things are in there. That's why it was so hard for her to understand it.

"Well, men are just stupid." Julya said once again. "They don't want to understand simple things."

I sat in there listening to them. I became very amused with every minute. Though, it was confusing as well as amusing.

How can they say these things about men and continue to love them anyway? Actually, they were not even talking about men in general, they were talking about their boyfriends, the men they loved, as I assumed. And they gave an impression that they honestly couldn't understand their boyfriends' behavior, preferring to laugh at them than trying to find a solution. Although I don't have an experience about a relationship with men, I always thought that every relationship is about understanding and compassion. No matter how different you are, no matter how different your points of view. If you love each other, than there is always a possibility to find a way to fix everything. Even if you are not agree with your beloved, you try to understand his reasons as much as possible. Even if you don't understand him at all, you respect him no matter what. And it means you don't go and gossip about him in such an ungraceful way.

I didn't say a word about my thoughts but it gave me something to muse about.

That day I was looking at Julya every time she was in my eye's way. I couldn't get enough of her.

She didn't treat me any different than other girls and boys. She touched my arm just once, in the canteen, telling something. There were no special words to me.

Julys left without saying good-bye. Well, maybe we were busy with guests and she didn't want to bother us. But it hurt nevertheless.

The day of Julya's coming back went absolutely not the way I wanted it to be.

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Practice at Radisson SAS Royal Hotel.

That's right, I've started to practise at the same hotel I was at last time. The guys I was working with do remember me and I must say it makes me very happy. It's quite difficult to start all over again, to get used to new people and a place. So, I'm really glad I didn't have to do it. Besides, I am very happy to work with the same persons considering how much I like them.

The work is the same. The good news about it is I like it, so almost always I go home much later than I should. Sometimes the gilrs have to say to me several times to go home before I finally make it. What can I do? I like the job.

There are some changes at the hotel. Recently there was an opening of the new hotel of our hotel network. Some guys decided to apply and they got lucky. There are two girls that are missing in the Front Office. The first one (Natasha with fairy curly hair) had to be moving to Moscow and I knew about it, so I wasn't really surprised. (Actually, I didn't like her anyway.) And the second one (Nadya) was very nice to me and I have very good memories about her, so I was quite sad that she's not working with us anymore. She was said to be studying in Germany which is her dream, so I should be happy for her and I am. Also, there is a new girl, name's Natasha, who has been working not very long. She's quite friendly. Can't say more about her yet.

I started practising on Friday, 7th of May. The schedule I'm working to is very uncertain because I asked to work the way everybody else works which is not considering usual weekends and holidays. I have to be busy on weekends so parents wouldn't be able to take me to the country.

Today was very interesting, busy and even scaring day. As usual, time was running away from me and I was late. To be late is not usual for me; to miss time is. I should have been late for fifteen minutes or so, but the unexpected happened, and I was late for half an hour. The thing is my uniform didn't come to the hotel. Our uniforms and guests' clothes have dry-cleaned at the outside dry-cleaner's, so you have to be careful with timing. I took my uniform to the housekeeping on Tuesday, then I was off on Wednesday, and when I came on Thursday they said that my uniform didn't come back yet. I made a mistake with my calculations, but, truth be told, I have no idea where the mistake is. Anyways, considering that I have only one set of uniform, the woman from housekeeping and I had to go and choose another set for me. Actually, a FO specialist has to have two sets of uniform but being a trainee I was given the only one.

All's well that end's well. The set we found was even better than the one I had; the pants suits me much more than another one did. And nobody has noticed my being late. I mean, yes, it was noticed, but I wasn't yelled or something like that. I wasn't even said to not do it again. But I promised myself to be on time from now on.

There are some other things I want to tell but I have to go to bed because I have to get up early. So, I'll tell about them later. About the job and about the naked girl in the locker room. ;-)

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Radisson hotel is located on the Nevskiy prospect which is the main street in our city. Considering this, I was proud of myself that I was working in this hotel. Well, it’s not only about the pride. I just can’t put my finger on it properly: how could have I ended so luckily to be allowed to work in such a hotel? I consider it as a luck because there isn’t better status than five-star hotel, is it? At least, in our country. Or, maybe, impossible is nothing? They just say it’s difficult to get a job in such a place but how did they find out if they themselves work in a college? I think, a lot of talks in our alma mater are useless, or even harmful. They teach us things that don’t exist and are expecting us to be successful. How so? I would to like to have theoretical knowledge hand with hand with practical one, but would they listen? Yeah, sure, we have two one-month long time practices but it’s not enough! Besides, we don’t get that kind of practice that we should. A lot of guys from our group have been working mades instead of receptionists. Will they be able to work in a hotel if they don’t get practical knowledge about the work they are supposed to do?

Well, I’m tired of trying convice them to do their work right and useful for us, students. Eventually, why am I bothering at all? I am able to run my life on my own and I can’t let myself to worry about others. They have their own heads on their shoulders, right? So, let them work it out on their own.

And let us come up a little closer to the main issue in our hot conversation – to the practice. I have already written more than five post about it in my Internet diaries but I can’t help myself. There is still one moment that I didn’t announce yet. It’s about that girl...
Well, let’s start from the beginning. When I saw her for the first time I don’t remember there was something special about her. I was nervous as hell because it was my first day in the hotel, and a lot of things passed by me unnoticed. Though, I do remember what I said to myself after I have met all the girls working that morning. I was amased how beautiful they were and was wondering how they could have accepted my proposal. Well, switchboards are not supposed to be beautiful but receptionists are. I have already told I’m not the biggest fan of myself, haven’t I?

The girl’s name is Julya. And I’m almost sure she’s about eight years older than me. Let’s count! She was waitress when the hotel was open, in 2001. She might have been nineteen or so in that moment. So, nine years have passed... How old is she? At least, she’s twenty eight, since adults are to be eighteen to have a right to get a long-term job. So, I guessed right. She’s much older than me but I don’t give a toss about it.

She is very beautiful. Stunning. Yet, a lot fragile sometimes. I didn’t notice at first but she’s so slim, I couldn’t imagine this can be possible. I have seen her photo in the magazine of our company: it was made about two or so years ago. She is much different now than she was, but the both views of her are striking. On that photo, by the by, she had more weight than she has now. I’m wondering, what could have happened to make it how it is now? I hope, it wasn’t a disease.

She is my boss, by the way. Was. I still can’t believe I’m no longer the part of that hotel’s environment. I feel as if I have worked there at least two years. It was really a pleasure to be there and to do my job and to had those wonderful people as my colleagues.

I’m used to type those passports of foreigners, and take quick looks at Julya. There was a wall in front of my work place, but it had an effect like a mirror has, so I could just lifted my head up a little and could saw her behind her work desk: typing something or reading from the computer screen or whatever it was, but I have never seen her with empty hands. She’s so much in love with the job that I’m dangerously impressed. I never thought before about my own stay-in late. Maybe, because of it? Because of the longing to see her more than allowed? No, stop it. I really enjoyed the job and the place. And I worked late because I wanted to work and had nothing to do at home. I think, there is no such a thing as a crush at all. I admire Julya, I respect her and am very fond of her but it’s because of her devoteness to her work. Nobody but her has such a hunger to work in the hotel, to make things right, to help guests and to be nice and friendly to everyone. I’m not sure if there is anything to make her lose her temper or be nervous. Well, she was a little nervous when we were saying good-bye to each other for the first time but it wasn’t exactly nervousness, it was vulnerability, I guess. I can swear, I saw something in her eyes, even if I have never been able to read somebody’s eyes. But it means nothing anyway. I like her a lot but I won’t be able to make a first move because I’m too scared to lose her at all. To let her lose that picture she has about me. I’m afraid some people can be so cruel to change their mind about somebody only because they have found out she’s gay. And I won’t risk it. Even if she is like such people, I won’t let myself to know it. I don’t want to lose that picture about her, either.

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When you don't want to do something, at least, give it a chance.

It was November and I had caught a cold. Lying on the bed and trying to get myself together, I really wasn't expecting this to happen. What was 'this'? It was a phone call from my collegemate. She informed me that our tutors decided to give me a practice in Radisson Hotel. They were told that I was very good in English, so I was dependable enough to send me in five-star hotel. What was my reaction? I was very scared! I don't know what it is, maybe my very low opinion about myself, but if there is something good and interesting in the offing, I am too afraid to try it and I will rather be hidden at home 'till the end of the story than go and try it on.

Nevertheless, it was first of December and I was in Radisson Hotel. In the firsl day of practice there wasn't one at all. The locker room was shown, I was given an uniform (in order to put it in my loker 'till next day) and magnetic key and some piece of laminated paper to be my ID on the territory of the hotel.

My second day of practice started at five-thirty in the morning - not because I was to be so early in the hotel but because I needed to wash my hair and I was to be in the hotel at nine. First of all when I was in, I reached the locker room and changed my clothes.

Here, words need to be said about other people in the hotel. When you enter the building there are several men who are to check your ID. I always say to them 'Good morning' and am given the same in response.

The locker rooms are divided into women's area and men's one. There were one or two women when I entered the locker room. I greeted them with polite 'Good morning' but they obviously were in a hurry and didn't seem to notice my words. As I noted, almost everybody are in a hurry when they are in the locker room. Of course, I don't doubt a lot of them work in this place long enough to adjust and to change clothes quickly. But still, I think, there are people who like to go-slow as I do.

Also, I want to mention about modesty in a locker room. There is not at all. Women there are shameless mostly, and I can understand it in some way - we all are women and have the same bodies, so there is nothing to be worried about. But, firstly, I really am modest. I'm ashamed of my body and am not self-confident enough to let people see me half-naked and feel comfortable about it. Secondly, I'm a lesbian. I can't look and not see their bodies. I'm trying, of course, but still I'm terrified if they will notice my looks and say something. Too risky. And, thirdly, it follows that I see women's bodies and they turn me on with little help of my imagination. How many stories are in my head in the moment about a beautiful woman and I in the locker room, falling on each other and then kissing passionately!..

My first day was very nervious. And who could have stayed calm and self-assured in this kind of situation? First of all, I didn't know where to go after I changed my clothes. Anna B., who had interviewed me two weeks or so ago, were absent. Her instructions for me were to call '0' and tell somebody from Front Office to come down and pick me up. Front Office is a place where I was supposed to practise. In that moment I didn't know it is called so, but I had learned it very soon as I had learned a lot of things about hotel industry.

It was Julia who had come down for me. I don't remember my first impression about her, though, I'd like to remember it. Well, I guess, it was a relief in some way because Julya was very friendly and smiled as sincerely as I did. She had shown me the way to Front Office and I was very glad she come down to meet me because I would never be able to manage on my own. (By the by, I had lost my way on the second day but it's not time yet to tell about it. :))

Already in the Front Office I had met Anya and Ira - a switchboard and a receptionist, respectively. As I found out, Julya is our Manager. She is the main person in our departure. She has a lot of things to do and that day was no different. So, Anya was asked by Julya to teach me simple programmes on the PC and to show how to deal with handwork. I'm not going to tell you all the details because I have written too many words already. I'll just say that I had to work with foreigners' passports for the first day.

Actually, the main thing about switchboard is that he is to answer calls. People on the other end of the line can't wait too long, so switchboard is supposed to answer a call within three calls. When Anya were teaching me new things, we were disturbing almost constantly because people were calling and Anya had to answer. The first thing I had learned about calls is that there are three types of them: out-side, internal and calls from in-house guests. We are supposed to say three different kinds of reply for every kind of call so mistakes happen sometimes, but you don't have to worry about it; shit happens, too, right? I will write the kind of response for outside call: "Добрый день. Радиссон САС Ройал Отель. Полина speaking. How may I help you?" Russian and English are included in one phrase so people can understand that switchboard speaks the both of languages.

I was allowed to answer calls on the second day. It wasn't my own initiative because I was scared of calls but Anya has such an enthusiasm that I couldn't resist. My first call wasn't from people as I was making a call in order to wake up one of the in-house guests - it's one of our free services. Anyway, the guest was Russian so it was less scared than to make a call to English one, so I made it very well.

There were a lot of calls during the day. Some of them were easy to answer because people knew who they would have liked to talk to. But there were some ones when people were asking me questions about hotel and I didn't know what to answer yet. In that case, I put them through my colleague, Anya, and she solved their problems. Anya was a huge help for me during first days and I was very grateful for that.

Little by little, I was adjusting to practise in Radisson Hotel. After only two days of work I realised that I really liked it. I had been doing something useful, not just wasting my time. In comparison with my previuos experiences in different hotels this practice really taught me a lot of helpful things. I was allowed to know what works of a switchboard and a receptionists are, realising that textbooks are useless mostly. I had met interesting people who is a pleasure to talk to. Not everybody of them was nice, sure thing, but those who was, were enough to make my happy.

It's not the end of the story. I will try to write down a little more details about my practice but not right now.

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