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March, 2

Today is a day when our group is on duty. It means few of our guys are to help college workers, and our class tutor are to catch those students who are late. Those guys who help, don't study, of course. And I was one of them.

Boys were to help getting rid of piles of snow. Masha and I were to help a worker in the clockroom, taking and giving back students' overclothes.

After two hours of work the boys were freed and were able to go home. You can't get snow away all day long, can you? But Masha and I were to work 'till three o'clock (it's time when sixth lesson is over and most of students go home).

During the day Masha and I were talking and having fun. In our college there isn't one damn minute without somebody demanding to have his/her overclothes, so we couldn't just sit and read a book ot do nothing. Apparently, after about three hours we started to get on each other's nerves. I believe, it means we are not so good together if we can't communicate longer than a day. And that's true. Masha and I are collge mates but nothing more. Even Oreshik means more to me than Masha does.

Maybe, I didn't even remember our uncomfortable relationship tomorrow if it were not for one more reason. After lunch we were told that one of us could go home if she wanted. Now, I should mention that Masha had a guitar lesson at three o'clock, and we all knew about it. She even said she was going to go at quarter to three in order to be on time at the lesson. Well, it's obvious that she couldn't go home even if she wanted to, because she had a lesson. But I had nothing at all. I was free to go home. But would Masha allow me? She said to a woman who suggested this idea, that if one of us would go home, another felt offended. Well, listen to me, you asshole. You can't go home because you have things to do. I'm free, so I can go home. And we have a permission to be free. Is it fair to keep your mate with your only because you can't go yourself? We are not best friend. I don't feel like wait for you or help you 'till the end of the day, so we can go home together. Do you understand you are being unreasonable? I wish you do, but it's obvious that you don't.

Today I understand that Masha is a two-faced person. Actually, she have said herself few time but I just too kind to believe immediatly. I needed a proof to understand it. So I got it.

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One of the most dull moments about my college is two Big Breaks between lessons. Usually one break lasts ten minutes, which is quite enough to change your dislocation from one class to another, or to visit a bathroom, if necessary. For those who is used to have a lunch at college, there is a Big Break between third and forth lesson. It lasts thirty minutes and is definitely enough for having a meal. So, what is another one break for? Well, actually, somebody may not have time to have a lunch during first Big Break, I do understand it. And because of it, he has to make it during second Big Break. But the thing is, I do not have a lunch at college at all. I'm aware that it is my choice and nobody should care. But I still feel a little offended for I have to wait two Big Breaks to have my lessons begun.

The reason why I'm writing what I'm writing now, is today's event during second Big Break. My college mates - Oreshik and Masha - had a lunch during first BB, so all three of us had nothing to do during second one. Next lesson was supposed to be an Economics, the class of which is located on the first floor. But there is no comfy furniture there, so we decided to headed on the second floor and have our seats on the large couch. I was listening to music and girls were talking to each other. It was quite bearible. Very soon Masha stood up and said that she is going to check where our group is, in order to make sure we are not missed. I don't know why she had to be so worried about it. We are in the same building and we all have cell phones, if something is up. But it doesn't matter anyway.

There were only two of us on the couch, Oreshik and I. There were a few girls on the next couch, about thirty m from us. And, of course, there were a lot of passers-by - teachers and students altogether.

Oreshik wanted to sleep the whole last lesson, so as soon as Masha had gone, she started to position herself more comfortable on the couch, for we had now more free room than before. It was natural to offer her a hand. So, few seconds and some shiftings later we were lying quite comfortable together. Well, we were not lying exactly, it's rather rude to stretch on a couch at college. We leaned over the cushions; Oreshik rested her head on my right breast and my right arm was supporting her side. I remember her hair tickling against my cheek. I felt quite content and just a little bit nervous.

We kept this position till the ring, but before that I had a lot of thoughts. Oreshik means nothing to me in romantic aspect, so this little thing on the couch isn't bothering me in this way. But she and I are college mates. We are not exactly friends but, hell, I don't have friends at all. Maybe, there is a chance for me to start making friends at last? I don't mean I'm going to come to Oreshik first thing tomorrow morning and share all my secrets with her. But, at least, I can enjoy myself during situations like this one. When was the last time I hugged anybody? Anybody hugged me? I need a hug. And I'm not going to deny it any longer. I'm not a hero. I'm a human being who can use love and support sometimes.

After Economics lesson there was supposed to be Information Technology one but Oreshik and I had a more interesting thing to do than that one. There is our favorite tutor's birthday on the third of March and we decided to buy her a present. So, the two of us headed to the nearest market.

It's rather fun to do shopping with your mate, you know. I've never made this thing before. We had chosen a very beatiful necklace and a pair of earings; it is a set. It cost us 350 rubles and it's very cheap. But the post card we had bought, cost us 51 ruble and I was shocked by this price. I don't like post cards at all; a rather useless gift, don't you think?

All purchases are bought and we spent about half an hour strolling along the market. That's one of the things girls are supposed to do together, yeah? Well, it wasn't so bad; quite nice, I must admit. I'm sure I can do it more often.

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