That's right, I've started to practise at the same hotel I was at last time. The guys I was working with do remember me and I must say it makes me very happy. It's quite difficult to start all over again, to get used to new people and a place. So, I'm really glad I didn't have to do it. Besides, I am very happy to work with the same persons considering how much I like them.

The work is the same. The good news about it is I like it, so almost always I go home much later than I should. Sometimes the gilrs have to say to me several times to go home before I finally make it. What can I do? I like the job.

There are some changes at the hotel. Recently there was an opening of the new hotel of our hotel network. Some guys decided to apply and they got lucky. There are two girls that are missing in the Front Office. The first one (Natasha with fairy curly hair) had to be moving to Moscow and I knew about it, so I wasn't really surprised. (Actually, I didn't like her anyway.) And the second one (Nadya) was very nice to me and I have very good memories about her, so I was quite sad that she's not working with us anymore. She was said to be studying in Germany which is her dream, so I should be happy for her and I am. Also, there is a new girl, name's Natasha, who has been working not very long. She's quite friendly. Can't say more about her yet.

I started practising on Friday, 7th of May. The schedule I'm working to is very uncertain because I asked to work the way everybody else works which is not considering usual weekends and holidays. I have to be busy on weekends so parents wouldn't be able to take me to the country.

Today was very interesting, busy and even scaring day. As usual, time was running away from me and I was late. To be late is not usual for me; to miss time is. I should have been late for fifteen minutes or so, but the unexpected happened, and I was late for half an hour. The thing is my uniform didn't come to the hotel. Our uniforms and guests' clothes have dry-cleaned at the outside dry-cleaner's, so you have to be careful with timing. I took my uniform to the housekeeping on Tuesday, then I was off on Wednesday, and when I came on Thursday they said that my uniform didn't come back yet. I made a mistake with my calculations, but, truth be told, I have no idea where the mistake is. Anyways, considering that I have only one set of uniform, the woman from housekeeping and I had to go and choose another set for me. Actually, a FO specialist has to have two sets of uniform but being a trainee I was given the only one.

All's well that end's well. The set we found was even better than the one I had; the pants suits me much more than another one did. And nobody has noticed my being late. I mean, yes, it was noticed, but I wasn't yelled or something like that. I wasn't even said to not do it again. But I promised myself to be on time from now on.

There are some other things I want to tell but I have to go to bed because I have to get up early. So, I'll tell about them later. About the job and about the naked girl in the locker room. ;-)

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