Yesterday was my last day of summer practice at Radisson SAS Royal Hotel in Saint-Petersburg. It was a full-time work day, I was really busy and was trying to work absolutely on my own, for there was no other switch-board in the office that day. Apparently, everybody else was busy as well, so I remembered about the documents I had to have signed when there was no time left. Well, we did manage to find some time and Julya singed the documents, but when I got home I found out that we forgot to write my testimonial. This last document is very important to my tutors. I don't think they spend a lot of time reading our practice's reports but if you have a good testimonial it means a lot. It means you were really great at what you were doing and that you were liked by your colleagues and your boss. It means you are qualified and are ready to work in the service.

Anyways, as soon as I could I called Julya and asked to come tomorrow in order to write the testimonial. I guessed she would write it at work and sign it, and I just should come and take it the next day. But Julya was busy and asked me to write it myself. And what an interesting thing to be doing it was! I felt very awkward describing myself and writing things I wasn't even sure I had in myself. Also, it was awkward and a little scary because the testimonial was supposed to be written by Julya, so I was trying to guess Julya's words about me. It was really hard and I was confused to do it.

So, today I got up more earlier than I thought I would, but I really needed this testimonial. At ten a.m. I was supposed to meet Oreshik - she had my printed report. We met at Lomonosovskya metrostation. It was a really brief meeting because she needed to go to college and I also had things to do, so we said our good byes and parted.

At about half past ten I was in the hotel. Tanya and Olya were a little surprised to see me but they managed to hide it so well I wasn't even sure they were indeed surprised. I have a feeling when you work at a hotel it becomes a habit to not show your genuine emotions. I find it rather sad and disconcerting.

I asked to call Julya and she came to me pretty soon. By that time the girls already knew about the purpose of my appearence.

I don't want to describe all the details about my testimonial. The sad part about it was that my flesh drive didn't want to be opened. We called out IT-manager to help and it worked. But he warned me to clean my flesh drive for it has a lot of viruses. I was sad because the USB isn't mine but my brother's, so I have to tell him about it and I'm not sure he will take it very smoothly.

Other things were more successful and very soon I had the testimonial on my hands.

After that Julya and I had a little chit-chat. I will try to describe it somehow.

Today it's raining non-stop and I had a very wet umbrella when I came to the hotel. When I was trying to have my documents (the report and the testimonial) in some kind of order Julya offered to hold my umbrella while I was doing it. I agreed but warned that my umbrella was real wet. It reminded Julya about the rain and she said something like:

"Damn rain. I had beautiful bangs this morning but after the trip to work it got damaged."

And she touched her bangs to sleek it.

It made me to watch her face and hair and I found them loving as usual. I said very quietly:

"You are very beautiful."

I'm not sure but she paused somehow and I found a little strange expression on her face. I think she was a bit shocked and wasn't sure weather she imagined my words or not. I said it real soft and I knew my eyes were facing the floor, so she could be mistaken but I think she heard the words nevertheless.

After that she tried to joke and I really don't remember what was happening next because I was shocked, too. I didn't plan to say those words. I've never imagined myself saying them. Not in the situation we were in, at least. I just wanted to accent her beauty and it seemed as a good opportunity to do it. So I just did it and that's all.

There was a moment when Julya complimented my clothes but I don't remember the exact time it happened - before or after I told her she was beautiful. But it doesn't matter. So, she said that I was quite impressive in my pants-suit, and she guessed that I was going to go to college after that. I admitted that I was indeed going to visit college later but I didn't say that my choice of clothes had nothing to do with what I was going to go to next. I had a pants-suit with cotton blouse on, and there were earings on, matching the blouse. I had my hair loose, just the way I like them. I knew I was good in those things and I wanted to look good. Actually, there are two reasons for that. First, the guys I was working with are used to see me in the uniform and with my make-up on. All in all this appearence is quite nice. So, I didn't want to fall in their eyes (or do English know this phrase?). And second, I always want to look good when I'm near Julya. She is beautiful and stylish all the time. I want to be like her and I want her to like me. At least, I want her to look at me with pleasure, even if it's more about make-up or good clothes than about myself.

So, I was pleased when Julya complimented me. She said she liked the colour of my blouse - as blue as the sky is. Someone told me one day that blue is a good colour for me. Julya's words proved it and I'm glad.

Then tell about the presentation and pics and Julya's willingness to help me.