I have just watched 'The Bitter Suite'. I haven't been making posts with my thoughts and impressions about the episodes for some time but I'd like to start doing them again.

In the episode prior to this one ('Maternal instincts') Xena and Gabrielle end up hurting and blaming each other for it. Gabrielle's child, Hope, turned out to be evil; she killed Solon, Xena's child, and was killed by Gabrielle when she realized how wrong she was about the child. Because of their offspring and misunderstanding between one another, Xena and Gabrielle undergo a lof of pain. I personally think that they had to start talking to each other after Hope's birth. Xena shouldn't have tried to kill the baby right away. It was better to let Gabrielle see who the child truly was. Xena, as a mother, could have understood that Gabrielle would never kill her daughter. Anyone, but Gabrielle. Anything, but killing your child.

When Gabrielle said 'I love you' and Xena didn't even look at her, I was crying as hard as they. I couldn't believe how the story could turn out the way it did. How it made the girls hurt each other, although they didn't know they were doing it at the time. I dreaded to see next episode.

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